Lily - Iran      2021

Judy is a friendly and knowledgeable teacher. She chooses relevant topics of daily living matters, which make her informative classes easy, fun and enjoyable to follow. She addressed my needs and questions very well. Her support and encouragement boosted my confidence. Judy is great and I look forward to having more lessons with her.

Celine - China       2020     

我的英语老师叫Judy !她是一个很有耐心、很有爱心、特别用心的好老师!我从零基础学起,Judy 教学很有方法,她自己制作一些单词卡片和实物图片,通过跟我一起做配对游戏,让我能更快更容易记住更多的单词。她总是不厌其烦地通过肢体和详细解释我不太懂的词汇。认真地纠正我的发音。她有时也会让我抽几个单词卡片,让我自己连成句子。我也很受益!她有时候也去图书馆帮我借适合我的书给我,让我回家读,句子简短易懂,是澳洲的历史小故事,很有趣!也有助于我了解一些澳洲历史知识。每次去上课,Judy 都会在门口把我的拖鞋拿出来放好!我心里很感动很温暖!很感恩她又很过意不去!每次上课她都会烧水泡很好喝的红茶或者花茶,有时配上她做的蛋糕或者饼干!很享受!在她的精心教导下,我的英语有了很大的进步!我特别喜欢上Judy 的课!每次上课两个小时,都感觉时间过得好快呀!很幸运也很感恩来到异国他乡,遇到了这么好的老师!她说如果我有事的话,可以把儿子放她家里,她帮忙照看!亦师亦友!也像亲人一样!无限感恩她!所以一直都很想把她推荐给周围想学英语的朋友,希望学英语的您也一起来感受一下在Judy 老师这里上课的幸福时光吧!

My English teacher is Judy. She is a very patient, compassionate, and diligent teacher. I started to learn English from scratch, but she used many ways to help me improve. She created word and picture flashcards to play games with me. This way, I can learn English faster. When I don't know complex sentences, she uses body language and patiently explains it to me. She also teaches me how to pronounce words. Judy sometimes let me choose some flashcards to make sentences. She occasionally goes to the library to find books suitable for me. The books are interesting and easy to read. The books talk about the history of Oceana. When I get to class, Judy comes and instantly puts my shoes on the shelf. She brews tea and sometimes bakes a cake for me in each class. The 2 hours I spend with her go so swiftly. My English skills enhanced significantly these years. I am very grateful to have such an astounding teacher. She treats me like I'm in her family. This is why I always recommend her to any English learning friends of mine. I hope you will have the opportunity to learn English with Judy.