World Emoji Day Wednesday 17 July

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Do you know the English translation of the emojis you regularly use? Take a look below to learn some new adjectives and nouns and send me your emoji story for Wednesday!

💑Couple in love

😃Grinning face. So, so happy!

🙃Upside down face, meaning slightly silly, maybe sarcastic

😉Winking face, slightly flirtatious. Tone can be playful and affectionate.

😊Genuine happiness and warmth

🙄Face with rolling eyes conveys frustration, annoyance or boredom

🤩Star-struck; expressing amazement, excitement, awe

😳Flushed-face; originally for embarrassment but can mean surprise or disbelief

😔Pensive face. For feelings of sadness, how did things go so wrong?

😌Relieved face. Feelings of calmness, peace, thank goodness!

😬Grimacing face. For when you are nervous, anxious, tense.

😣Persevering face. Things are a struggle at the moment.

💋Kiss mark. More seductive than the kiss emoji.

🤞Crossed fingers. Traditionally used to bring luck.

👋Waving hand. Used in Australia to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’.

🤟Love-you gesture. Used in America to say ‘I love you.’

💅Nail-polish. Used to display an air of indifference or not caring.

🙌Raising hands. Let’s celebrate success!

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