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Updated: Oct 6, 2019

It’s cold here in Melbourne and the winter holidays are almost upon us. The children all have two weeks’ break and if you are an English student, you probably do too. I am sure you are wondering how to keep your children entertained, but more importantly, you need to continue practising your English skills. It’s so easy to ‘drop the ball’ a bit when you are not attending class, but learning a language really does involve dedication and discipline. Even allocating fifteen minutes a day to your learning, whether it be listening or learning some new vocab, these are the little things that make a huge difference in the end. As I say to my students, it’s hard to see the difference you are making each day, but if you look back to the difference in your ability from just 3 months ago, or 1 year ago, that’s when you can really start to feel proud! Let’s just keep the momentum going!! You CAN!

Tips for you!

Try these podcasts. They are a tremendous way for you to be practising your skills while you are doing those mundane jobs like cooking or cleaning. I don’t want you to be trying to understand every single word, just gain a feel for what the person is saying. The individual words will come in time. The first one also has the words as a text so you can follow it by reading as well. They are both set in Melbourne and Victoria, so if you are too, I am sure you will find some relevant topics. Have a listen and see what you think. Let me know!

Tips for you and your children!

St Kilda is a vibrant and interesting part of Melbourne and during the holidays it has a pop-up ice-skating rink. Check it out here

If you are going into the city, Docklands has an ice slide. What could be more fun on these wintery days? And, it’s only costs a gold coin each time!

For your budding academics, Monash University in Clayton has a Family Fiesta Festivalon the middle weekend of the holidays, 5-7 July, where they are opening up the new Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts to families of all ages. Loads of fun for all ages.

And, of course, you will be making at least one trip to our mecca, Chadstone. In-between shopping, why not visit the first Legoland Discovery Centre in Australia? They even have a 4D cinema! Make sure you purchase tickets in advance.

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