SPRING HAS SPRUNG and don’t we all feel great! But it’s so much more than just a season...

here in Melbourne; we’ve just had the footy grand final, the Spring horse racing carnival is about to start, we’re nearing the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer. Everybody seems to have a new ‘spring’ in their step, we all have a renewed desire to ‘spring’ into action and maybe even indulge in some ‘spring’ cleaning! Read further for some more very common uses of the wonderful word ‘spring’!

She’s no spring chicken she’s older than she looks

Liza Minelli is no spring chicken!

You are a spring chicken you are so very young

You’re 24? Oh you’re a spring chicken!

Nothing springs to mind no ideas are coming into my head

I have tried to think of a new approach but nothing springs to mind.

Having a spring in one’s step having a renewed energy and vigour during daily activities

This beautiful day puts a spring in my step.

To spring a leak there is a visible water stain coming from somewhere

Oh woops, there’s water on the floor. We’ve sprung a leak!

Spring Carnival the horse racing carnival, including the Melbourne Cup, held in Melbourne every year in October and November

What hat are you wearing to the Spring Carnival this year?

Spring into action jump into a project and get it going

We’re going to spring into action and finish the job today!

Spring from the smallest idea brings forth bigger ideas

His idea has sprung from the volunteer day we did last month.

‘Sprung’! catching someone doing something in a sneeky manner

You’ve been sprung Charles, put those biscuits back in the tin!’

Hope springs eternal you can always find a reason to hope

Hope springs eternal because despite the bush fires, the communities are still going strong.

Spring cleaning when you get to those jobs that you keep putting off

Today I am doing some spring cleaning and washing the windows and painting the deck.

To spring on someone to tell someone something they were not expecting to hear

We’re pregnant! But not with one, it’s twins!

Spring to life suddenly become lively

He’d suddenly spring to life around 10pm while he had the jet lag.

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