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Updated: Oct 6, 2019

So it’s cold in Melbourne, you are feeling a touch unwell, runny nose, a little bit lethargic. You want to stay warm and cosy inside and on the couch...and there is nothing better than indulging on delicious, tasty and healthy soup.

Try my pumpkin soup! It’s the most popular home-made soup here in Australia. It’s easy, you can make it ahead, and your friends will be suitably impressed! Everyone has their own unique flavour that they like to bring out, because, well...pumpkins go really well with anything. What flavour will yours have? Go on, just experiment!

Chop up and peel a kent pumpkin and place in large saucepan. You can use any type of pumpkin you wish but I find the kents have the best consistency.

Chop up and peel 2 onions and throw in the saucepan. Chop up some garlic cloves too, however many you wish!

Add one litre of vegetable stock and then top up with water until it’s almost covering the pumpkin.

Season with pepper and salt.

Add some dried spices such as cumin, turmeric, coriander, paprika, nutmeg, even some chilli. This is really up to you. Your combination, your taste!

Turn on high and bring to boil with the lid on.

When boiling, keep lid on and turn down to low. Simmer for half an hour or so.

When pumpkin is soft, take off heat and puree. I just use my stick blender.

For a really smooth and creamy soup, and depending on what matches your choice of spices, add some milk or cream such as coconut milk.

Serve with a dollop of natural yogurt and chives.

Mmmmmm yum. Stay warm and snuggle!


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