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Updated: May 2, 2019


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I am Judy and I am here to help you along the sometimes frustrating but often rewarding road towards fluency in English. My aim is to help make your life here in Melbourne just a little easier by regularly posting small lessons and information relevant to living in this great city. You may be a student of mine, or not. You may be twenty years young, or aged eighty. You may speak some English or you may not. Whatever your situation, I am here to help you. If there is something specific you wish for me to explain, please just contact me via the submit button. You don't need to feel isolated any longer.


Federal Election

This may seem boring, but because we are having an election here in Australia in two weeks' time, I will help you out with some vocabulary and give a very short introduction into Australian politics.

Federal Election - when the whole country chooses who they want to represent them.

Electorate - the group of voters in a particular area.

Voter - a person who votes at an election, must be a registered Australian citizen.

Government - the group of people who run the country, voted in by the people.

Polling Station - a place where people go to vote, often public schools.

Candidate - a person who wants to be elected.

Politician - a person who works in politics.

Political party - an organisation which is united by political beliefs.

Coalition - when one or more parties join together to form government

Enrol - to be on the official voting register. Can be done at the age of 16 but voting is only allowed from the age of 18.

The Australian people elect all members of Federal Parliament. There are 2 houses of Parliament; the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Each member of the House of Representatives represents the people of their electorate. Australia is made up of 150 electorates and they each have approximately 100,000 voters.

The Senate is also called the 'States' House as each state elects 12 senators to represent them in the Senate, the ACT (Canberra) and the Northern Territory both elect 2.

Australia has a Federal Election every 3 years, but the Prime Minister can request an earlier election.

There are 3 levels of government;

Federal - defence, income tax, immigration, social welfare, external affairs

State - schools, hospitals, pubic transport, electricity, police and emergency services

Local - rubbish collection, parks, libraries and art galleries, pet registration, local roads

Find your local polling booth at www.aec.gov.au

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