Rain, rain go away...

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Come again another day.

Looking out my window is not exactly exciting – it’s wet, grey, freezing and miserable.

How would you describe it? I would say that here in Melbourne the weather is one topic you can always find something to say about. It simply changes ALL the time! No two days in a row are the same. Talking about the weather will help you join in conversations, start conversations and basically just helps ‘break the ice.’ Here are some adjectives to describe today:

It’s freezing – it’s really, really cold.

It’s drizzling – the rain is light but doesn’t really seem to stop

It’s chilly – it’s really cold, but not as cold as freezing.

It’s hailing - the rain is now coming down in little balls of ice.

It’s icy – the roads seem very, very slippery and I can’t feel my fingers

It’s dull – the colour of the day is grey

It’s dreary – there looks to be no sign of sunshine at all and the clouds are low in the sky

It’s pouring – the rain is coming down very hard

It’s winter – the coldest season of the year, June, July and August

You’re drowned! – you have been caught in the rain and you are wet from head to toe!

Stay cosy and stay warm and stay tuned for tips to deal with Melbourne’s cold snap.

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