Open for business...

Hello everyone, wow, what a time it's been for us all. And I mean ALL of us! Here in Melbourne we are just starting to ease restrictions after approximately ten weeks. I've had two children head back to school and two more going back next week. I believe we can sit in a cafe or restaurant from yesterday, surrounded only by a maximum of twenty people, we can have our waxing treatments again and get our nails done. Oh yes, and don't forget you can also now get that tattoo that you have been thinking of during isolation!

I have found myself thinking about the different ways people react to such crises. Some people I know have been completely inspired and keeping themselves very busy doing a lot of things they have been wanting to do. I guess I am not quite like that, but that's ok too. Early on in the pandemic I realised learning English wasn't at the forefront of my students' minds so I let QueenBea hibernate for these weeks. She's spent the time in isolation recharging her batteries and now she's come out of her hive feeling more energetic, more enthused and more ready to go than ever. QueenBea is open for business!

One good thing for everyone learning English, there is a whole new vocabulary that you have undoubtedly learnt over the past months because we have heard the words over and over and over again. Restrictions, isolation, quarantine, respiratory, pandemic, flattening the curve, unprecedented, social distancing, vaccine...these words are literally rolling off your tongue, aren't they?

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