Melbourne, the best place for ... coffee!

Updated: May 28, 2019

Rose is shopping in the Glen, needs a rest, so she pops into Robertsons Book Shop for a coffee and a cake. Perfect! Rose goes to the counter:

Waitress: Good morning! Can I help you?

Rose: Good morning! Can I please have a coffee?

Waitress: Sure. What coffee would you like?

Rose: I would like a flat white please.

Waitress: Sure, one flat white. Is that to have here or take away?

Rose: Just for here thanks.

Waitress: OK, is there anything else?

Rose: Mmm, yes, I think I might have one of those carrot cakes too.

Waitress: Yes, of course. Here is your table number. One flat white and one carrot cake, that will be $9.50 thanks.

Rose: OK, here is my card. Thank you very much.

Waitress: Please tap here. Thanks. I will bring them out to you.

Ordering coffee in Melbourne can be a daunting task because there are so many kinds. Where do you start? Let me help by defining some:

Flat White: one part espresso (one shot of coffee) and 4 parts hot milk, very little froth, served in a cup.

Cafe Latte: one part espresso, 5 parts hot milk, served in a glass.

Cappuccino: one part espresso, one third hot milk and one third froth, and when in Melbourne, a scattering of powered chocolate on the top.

Magic: a double ristretto topped with creamy, frothed milk as in a latte. Uniquely Melbourne.

Double Ristretto: a double (2) shot of coffee

Piccolo: one shot of espresso topped with steamed milk but served in an espresso cup or very small latte glass. The taste is twice as strong as a latte.

Macchiato: an espresso topped with a dollop of foam.

Long Macchiato: a long black topped with a dollop of foam.

Short Black: one shot of espresso.

Long Black: a double shot of espresso and then the normal sized cup is filled with hot water.


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